School Community Worker

Heathcote Primary School has a School Community Worker, Clarissa Power. Clarissa works with us one day a week and is an important part of our school community. Our School Community Worker is funded through the Australian Governments National School Chaplaincy  Program. 



Our School Community Worker provides support to our students, staff and parents. She provides care, supports teachers in building the social skills of students, and encourages responsible behaviour amongst our students. She also runs a range of activities to promote parent/carer engagement in our school.
Our School Community Worker plays an integral part in our staff team. Clarissa can offer individual support and help staff members to implement wellbeing programs across the school. Any member of our school community is welcome to work with Clarissa. If you would like your child to access our School Community Worker, please contact the office for a consent form. Clarissa will have a discussion with you if she feels the service is no longer useful for your child, or you may opt out at any time.  

In 2021 Clarissa will be working one day a week. Please contact the office if you would like to make an appointment with Clarissa.