Welcome To The Heathcote Primary School

Heathcote Primary School is situated 100kms north of Melbourne and is one of two primary schools that service the town. 



The school's purpose is to provide a caring and motivational learning environment, developing links with the wider Heathcote community, and preparing students to become life long learners in a constantly changing global society.
Learning is a lifelong process taking place every day in a variety of settings.  Your child's time at school is one part of this valuable lifelong journey.  Our school community aims to work as a partnership between students, Parents/Carers and teachers to provide a consistent and supportive environment that caters for the child, supporting academic, social, physical and emotional growth.

We encourage parents and carers to be involved in our community, to value what our students do and encourage them to strive to do their best in everything they attempt.  Having a go and trying things outside their comfort zone is one way of developing skills, supporting personal growth and learning about our community.