School Personnel



Principal - Kate Ballantyne

Business Manager - Nina Kerwin

Project Officer - Jan Webster 



Junior Learning Community

Foundation & Grade 1 Classroom Teacher / Unit Leader - Kym Childs

Grade 1-2 Classroom Teacher  - Rebecca Somerville

LOTE- Beth McKinnell

Reading Intervention- Kate Ballantyne

Education Support - Brenda King, Marni Champion and Matt Flavelle



Senior Learning Community

Grade 3 & 4 Classroom Teacher - Luke Jarrett

Grade 5 & 6 Classroom Teacher / Unit Leader - Rhys Clayton 

LOTE- Beth McKinnell

Education Support - Lisa Ziersch



Equity Funding Programs

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden - Michele Witham

Student Engagement Projects - David Close

STEM Support Team - Kristy Balic and David Close



Student Wellbeing

Community Worker - Clarissa Power



Cleaning and Maintenance - Angela and Tom McCall 

Maintenance - David Close