STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Our Term One focus is "Creative Thinking for Survival". In this unit students will look at different aspects of survival in the wild. They will think about how to best use the resources available in the natural environment to ensure their survival. This is designed to encourage creative and original thinking.


In Term Two we will explore coding and robotics. We are excited to experiment with our brand new class set of robots. We will also enjoy an incursion from Earth Ed entitled "Dash into Robotics"


Sustainable housing will be our focus in Term Three. We will look at alternative energy, and other ways to minimise our environmental impact. Students will have the opportunity to construct their own sustainable house model.


In Term Four we will be taking a step back in time in our study of dinosaurs. We will look at timelines in history, and paleontology, and will also take part in an excursion to Earth Ed in Ballarat.