Selamat Datang! (Welcome)

Our students learn Indonesian for one hour each week. The program focuses on developing language skills and building cultural awareness whilst learning in a way that is both fun and engaging for all students.


Indonesia is one of our closest northern neighbours with a population of around 260 million people and over 17 thousand islands of which 900 are inhabited.

Indonesia is a very culturally rich and diverse country with over 350 different ethnic groups and languages, with Bahasa Indonesia being the national language.


In our Indonesian classes each week, students are learning to listen, speak, read and write in Indonesian which encourages the students to become aware of the differences with our own language and culture.


Apart from being lots of fun, learning another language has many benefits.
For example:

  • Learning a language is great training for your brain
  • Language skills can open doors for travel, work and understanding
  • You can build connections with people from other countries
  • Language learning supports literacy
  • You can learn more about your own language and culture
  • Indonesian is very accessible – it uses the same alphabet as English



Terima kasih (Thank you)